PHY452 Elementary Particle Theory

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Gehrmann   ( Y36 K80 )

Xuan Chen Jonathan Mo ( Y36 K74 )

Module Code: PHY452
ECTS Credits: 10


This course provides and introduction to Quantum Field Theory and Particle Physics Phenomenology. The main subjects are:

  • Relativistic kinematics
  • Elements of field quantization
  • Feynman diagrams
  • Elementary processes in QED
  • Gauge symmetries
  • QCD and the parton model
  • Weak interactions and the Standard Model
  • Higgs mechanism
  • Flavour physics



Thursday 13:00-14:45 in 13M12

Friday 12:00-12:45 in 13M12


Tuesday 13:00-14:45 in 13M12

(Hand in by Monday 15:00)

Suggested References

Halzen, F./Martin, A.: "Quarks and Leptons", John Wiley & Sons (1984)

Aitchison, I./Hey, A.: "Gauge Theories in Particle Physics", CRC Press (2012)

Thomson, M.: "Modern Particle Physics", Cambridge University Press (2013)