PHY529 Advanced Topics in General Relativity and Gravitational Waves

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Philippe Jetzer

Yannick Boetzel (Irchel, Y36 K32)
Maria Haney (Irchel, Y36 K34)

Lecture: Friday 13:00-14:45 (Irchel, Y16-G-05)
Exercises classes: Friday 15:00-15:45 (Irchel, Y16-G-05)



Lecture Notes



Journal club


Journal club


LOSC Event Tutorial

Download the tutorial and prepare your python environment if you want to follow along


Journal club

03.11.2017 Exercise class Exercise 1 (PDF, 85 KB)
10.11.2017 Exercise class Solution 1 (PDF, 129 KB)
17.11.2017 Journal club
24.11.2017 Journal club
01.12.2017 Journal club Testing General Relativity with gravitational wave data
08.12.2017 Journal club
15.12.2017 Journal club

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