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UZH for Staff

Collection and Return of Keys

Key Collection

Your access delegate advises you of the collection point and possible collection times of your key.

Key Return

When you leave employment at the University, you must return your key/s to the collection point on your own accord.

Desk Desk Location Opening Hours
Irchel Campus

Y23 H53 (information desk)

Monday to Thursday



City Campus SOC U17

Tuesday and Thursday

8:30am–11:00am and 1:30pm–3:30pm

Oerlikon Campus

AFL E030b (postal mail desk)


AND 2-2.03a (postal mail desk)

Monday to Friday

09:45am–10:15am and 3:15pm–3:30pm


Monday to Friday

8:15am–8:45am and 2:15pm–2:30pm