Secondary Occupation

As part of the terms of your employment, you must report secondary occupation, public offices or self-employment to UZH.

The following document explains which forms of secondary occupation have to be reported. 

Fact Sheet on Secondary Occupation (PDF, 120 KB)

If there are doubts as to whether a particular form of secondary occupation is compatible with your role at UZH, the office or officer responsible decides whether you must obtain permission. 

Please complete the Notification of Secondary Occupation form yourself and give it to your HR representative for submission to the Human Resources Department.

Notification of Secondary Occupation (PDF, 869 KB)*
FAQs on Secondary Occupation (PDF, 200 KB)

Special provisions apply to professors. Their applications are processed by the Professorships Department.

Professorships Department


* Note: If you have problems filling out the form, please perform the following steps: Save the PDF on your device, go to your file (e.g. in your Downloads folder), right click and select OPEN WITH Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. This will then enable you to edit the file.