Social Insurances

Social insurance contributions are deducted directly from your salary. These are:

AHV/IV/EO (old-age and survivors’ insurance, invalidity insurance, and replacement income for military service and civil protection duty)

ALV (unemployment insurance)

Accident insurance

Pension funds


Overview of contributions:

Social insurance contributions for 2020 (PDF, 335 KB)


The following also have to be taken care of:

Transnational social insurance (Fact sheet) (PDF, 37 KB)

Transnational social insurance (form) (PDF, 113 KB)*


* Note: If you have problems filling out the form, please perform the following steps: Save the PDF on your device, go to your file (e.g. in your Downloads folder), right click and select OPEN WITH Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. This will then enable you to edit the file.