Forschungskolloquium FS19

Catherine Herfeld, Heiko Rauhut, Jörg Rössel, Katja Rost, Michael J. Shanahan, Marc Szydlik

Dienstag, 12.15 bis 13.45 Uhr jeweils am 19. und 26. Februar, 12. März, 2. und 30. April, 14. und 28. Mai 2019

In der Veranstaltung werden neue Forschungsergebnisse vorgestellt und diskutiert. Vorträge werden von Institutsangehörigen und externen Referierenden gehalten. Auf Vorankündigung mindestens ein Semester im Voraus können Doktorierende einen Vortrag über ihr eigenes Forschungsthema halten (3 ECTS Credist für Vortrag)

SUZ Institutskolloquium Programm FS 2019 (PDF, 17 KB)

Workshop Academic Writing for Sociologists FS19

Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich

Course for PhD students and Postdocs

Module: Scientific Writing

We’re happy to announce a workshop in Academic Writing for Sociologists.
This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich.

Writing for Sociologists is a short language course (5 x 4-lesson workshops) designed to help doctoral students and Postdocs develop the skills needed to write their (first) articles. The course deals with topics such as targeting selected readerships, structuring the text effectively, producing fluent and reader-friendly sentences and paragraphs, and revising and editing the text before submission and in response to reviewers’comments.

Please find here more information about the course and the previewed dates:

Thesis Workshop 2019

Ulrik Brandes, Marlis Buchmann, Catherine Herfeld, Heiko Rauhut, Jörg Rössel, Katja Rost, Michael J. Shanahan, Christoph Stadtfeld,  Marc Szydlik

Donnerstag und Freitag, 7. und 8. November 2019
Ort: Propstei Wislikofen

2 ECTS Credits für Teilnahme, 4 ECTS Credits für Teilnahme mit Präsentation

Dieses Seminar ist ein zwei-tägiger, auswärtiger Workshop mit Professorinnen und Professoren des Soziologischen Instituts und der ETH Zürich. Doktorierende und Post-Docs präsentieren und diskutieren ihre Forschungsideen und ihre aktuellsten Forschungsprojekte. Ziel ist den Teilnehmenden wertvolles Feedback zu ihrer Arbeit zu geben, die Forschungsqualität zu erhöhen und die gemeinsame Identität der Soziologie in Zürich zu stärken.

Current Sociological Research HS19

Catherine Herfeld, Heiko Rauhut, Jörg Rössel, Katja Rost, Michael J. Shanahan, Marc Szydlik

Tuesdays, 12:15 to 1:45 p.m., on 17 September to 12 December 2019

During the course, new research findings will be presented and discussed. Presentations will be given by members of the Institute of Sociology and by outside lecturers. On preannouncement at least one semester in advance, PhD candidates can give a lecture on their own research topics (3 ECTS credits for lecture).

Completing Your PhD Successfully on Time HS19

Tress Academic (

Wednesday to Friday, 3 day-course, in English, 2-4 October 2019

2 ECTS Credits

Recommended for PhD students in their first or second year of study

This course addresses the most common problems PhD students face and supports them in mastering the challenges of a PhD. It equips PhD students with the tools and techniques needed to complete their PhD project successfully and on schedule. Most PhD students experience the process to the PhD degree as a professional and personal challenge. International empirical studies document delays in completion as a result of a variety of problems that PhD students face in this process. In this course participants learn step-by-step how to conduct and complete a PhD study successfully. See further course info (PDF, 678 KB)

How to Become a More Efficient Researcher FS20

Tress Academic (

Friday, 1 day-course, in English, 13 March 2020

1 ECTS Credits

Recommended for advanced PhD students and Postdocs

This course trains participants to substantially improve their self- organisation and efficiency as researcher. After taking this course, participants achieve higher productivity and greater satisfaction with their academic tasks. Participants learn to identify these areas of their own work which have greatest meaning for them. Participants also learn how they can cope with high time pressure but still can free time for dealing with strategic tasks. The course teaches to make conscious decisions regarding how to spend time, how to achieve efficient working habits, and how to manage professional and personal goals to achieve better time management and work-life balance. See further course info (PDF, 671 KB)