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Department of Sociology

Booking Modules

All courses that you wish to attend and earn ECTS credits for must be booked online via the Booking Modules webpage.

Information on booking and cancellation deadlines is available here.

Please note that written registration forms distributed in courses or registrations via OLAT are not a valid substitute way of booking modules and are solely used for internal administrative purposes!

Weiterführende Informationen

Dropping a Module

Booking a module automatically registers you for the corresponding student assessment or exam, as well as for a repeat examination if necessary. You are allowed to drop a module, but only until the drop (cancellation) deadline. In the event of illness or if there is a valid, verifiable reason why you are unable to attend a booked module, the booking of the module, including the corresponding requirement to fulfill the assessment obligation, can be canceled retroactively. To drop a module in this manner, a substantiated written request to do so must be submitted to the module coordinator immediately upon learning of your hindrance to completing the module or at the latest no more than five days after the assessment date. A request to drop a module on the grounds of illness must be accompanied by an enclosed medical certificate.

You may withdraw from any repeat examination prior to the stipulated, separately communicated deadline for doing so.

Failure to show for an exam will be considered a fail and will be graded as “not passed” or with a grade of 1.