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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

VAUZ Alumni Chapter

The VAUZ Alumni Chapter welcomes all former junior academics ('Mittelbau') of the University of Zurich: former doctoral students, assistants, postdocs, and academic staff.

The membership for the UZH Alumni Chapter VAUZ (doctoral students & postdocs) is included in the UZH Alumni membership fee of CHF 80.

What does the VAUZ Alumni Chapter offer?

The focus is on reunions: We want to do something together, be it a cosy meal to catch up, or to talk about the gold old times over a glass of wine or a beer. This offers the opportunity to meet colleagues again, but also to cultivate new contacts. At the same time, we also feel very much connected to the current Mittelbauvereinigung of the University of Zurich, the VAUZ:

We are interested in the development of the University of Zurich and the university landscape and take a particular interest in supporting the Mittelbau and the VAUZ—for example with an "Ask an alumna/alumnus" evening, with professional know-how, and with networking opportunities.

Since we are an interdisciplinary chapter, we offer perspectives outside of specific disciplines: Want to follow up on an earlier discussions with a quantum physicist? With a scholar in religious studies? A computer scientist? A pediatrician? All this and much more is possible in the VAUZ Alumni Chapter!

Two to four events per year are planned, among them

  • at least one social gathering: wine tasting, excursion, exhibition visit, etc.
  • at least one thematic event on the development of the higher education area

Are you wondering what an Alumni Chapter is?

A chapter is a subdivision of the alumni organization of the University of Zurich. Alumnus or alumna of the University of Zurich are all "graduates" of the UZH. Five good reasons to become a member can be found here:

Chapter members are always UZH Alumni member, once you are an UZH Alumnus/Alumna, you can join any number of chapters. This means that you can have several memberships for one annual fee.

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