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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

Academic Career Development

Development opportunities, career prospects, research credits

The divison research and academic career development offers information for academic career development on all levels. The specialist unit for project an individual promotion advises acadmics concerning individual promotion and project promotion. The Gratuate Campus , established for the promotion of academic career development provides PhDs and Postdocs with informtation and offers.
In addition to the university's career development subsidies, there are various funding instruments or third-party funding, to which young researchers can apply for a personal fellowship or a personal project contribution - the funding opportunities are divers.
Members of university can also apply to the Alumni Association of the University of Zurich for contributions from the Fund of Academic Career Development ZUNIV - Fonds zur Förderung des Akademischen Nachwuchses (FAN).

The research credit of the University of Zurich has developed to an important internal career development instrument.
Since the creation of the research credit in 2001, over 1000 (young) acadmics have benefited from financial support of their dissertation, postdoctoral or habilitation project. With contributions from the research credit the University of Zurich suppors its (young) academics on the levels Candoc (Doctorate) and Postdoc.