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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

University Politics

The VAUZ represents the largest group of employees at UZH, i.e. more than 4000 (almost 50% of UZH's workforce) plus around 3000 doctoral students without UZH employment.

We are committed to improving the working conditions of junior academics and represent our interests in terms when it comes to academic and educational policies.

Our central concerns: To have a voice at UZH, to make our concerns heard and to create a safe, positive and professional working environment for the Junior Researchers.

The VAUZ board consists of Mittelbau employees who are committed to the interests of junior academics at the university and give a voice to our concerns when it comes to educational policy, both at UZH but also at a national level. We are committed to improving the situation and conditions of the junior faculty at University!

Furthermore, we offer peer to peer counseling, and organize events so that you can network with other members of the scientific community at the UZH.

In particular, VAUZ is responsible for organizing the right of co-determination of the group of junior researchers at the University of Zurich. To this end, we organize the election of  representatives who sit on committees and commissions of the university, the faculties, as well as the institutes, seminars, and clinic.

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