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Virologisches Institut Institut für Parasitologie : Administration

Fedex? TNT? Please complete this form

IMPORTANT! Please inform us at least 1 DAY before your estimated date of dispatch. Thank you.

IMPORTANT #2 ! If you have a shipment to the USA or Germany, you have to fill in the following documents:
USA: Declaration of Biological Shipments (PDF, 135 KB)
USA: Toxic Substance Control Act (PDF, 44 KB)

Germany: Declaration of Biological Shipments (PDF, 68 KB)

Please fill in the relevant documents, sign it and bring it to us immediately. Thank you.

Shipper, FROM:
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Contact Person
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Payment, who pays the transport costs?
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Is the shipment hazardous? Pathogenic?
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Does shipment contain dry ice?
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Special Destination? Important for Germany or USA!
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ATTENTION! Does your shipment goes to USA or Germany? If yes, please download the additional documents on the right side. After having filled in the form with all requested specifications, please bring the document to the admin-office.

Shipment information
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Goods Description?
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Please contact admin-office (58701) in order to arrange pick-up, package etc. For any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. THANK YOU!

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Documents for USA & Germany