Recruitment and academic career development

Goal 3:

UZH recruits outstanding scholars for professorial appointments and offers first-rate conditions. The University is particularly committed to supporting junior scholars from an early stage and provides them with favorable conditions for their future academic career.

Measure 3.1:

UZH creates the conditions necessary to recruit top candidates and is committed to retaining outstanding scholars in Zurich.

Measure 3.2:

Junior scholars receive targeted and ongoing support through institutionalized processes and provisions as well as through appropriate resources. UZH especially endeavors to improve the compatibility of family and career.

Measure 3.3:

UZH develops the Graduate Campus as an innovative instrument to promote junior academics. The Graduate Campus improves the quality and enhances the pro- file of doctoral study at UZH; the office also provides extensive services for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers.

Measure 3.4:

UZH increases the number of assistant professors with and without tenure-track status to provide junior scholars with secure career prospects at an early stage and to rejuvenate the professorial staff.