Organizational conditions, organizational development

Goal 6:

UZH improves its organizational framework. Efficient executive procedures, access to information and a modern administration create a greater capacity for development in research and teaching.

Measure 6.1:

UZH secures the executive structures and procedures necessary to guarantee a modern system of university management. The Executive Board of the University pursues a strategic and efficient line of action; responsi- bilities and rights of the individual members of the Executive Board are clearly defined. UZH Faculties are organized according to size and focus; the financial capacities of the Faculties will be increased in accordance with their management capabilities. To give itself free- dom of action, the Executive Board of the University sets up strategic reserves.

Measure 6.2:

UZH offices responsible for support provide efficient and high-quality services. Procedures and systems meet growing demands from internal and external players; the offices adjust their processes according to the needs of the individual target groups. All UZH employees are trained in the areas relevant to their work. UZH secures the flow of information for researchers and students, and contributes actively to using the synergies available in the academic hub of Zurich.

Measure 6.3:

UZH promotes core facilities to provide researchers with state-of-the-art technical equipment and methodological expertise. Subject-specific and target-specific core facili- ties make knowledge and technical innovation widely accessible and enable financial synergies.