Goal 1:

UZH holds a leading position in the European research area.
In selected domains, the University is among the world’s best research institutions. UZH Faculties set research priorities, thereby strengthening their individual profiles and heightening UZH’s overall standing.

Measure 1.1:

UZH establishes new University Research Priority Programs (URPP) to strengthen the profile of research throughout the University, especially in strategically important areas.

Measure 1.2:

Each Faculty develops an overall strategy and names areas of research to be promoted more actively. Based on the overall strategy, the Faculties develop a plan for professorships. The plan includes all professorships in the near future which will become vacant due to retire- ment, or which will be newly created.

Measure 1.3:

UZH promotes strategic collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). The University fosters relations with further selected partner institutions, initiates joint projects and shares facilities.