Information for Researchers

Status: 26 October 2020

Research Operations with Safety Concept and Adapted On-Site Operations

Research activities are possible in the buildings of UZH if the guidelines issued by the FOPH on containing the spread of coronavirus, the UZH safety concept and the specific safety concept of the relevant research unit can be adhered to. Further provisions are specified below. 

1. Research on UZH premises

Research activities may be resumed if the FOPH guidelines on containing the spread of coronavirus as well as the UZH safety concept can be adhered to.
Safety Concept for the University of Zurich

The professors or group leaders responsible for the research project are in principle free to decide whether research projects can be conducted in their allocated research facilities. They follow the provisions specified for university staff and in particular the Directive on Adapted On-Site Operations from 20 October 2020. Wherever possible, research activities are scaled in such a way that they can be carried out or paused in case of reduced on-site operations.
Information for Staff

2. Access to UZH buildings
UZH employees may enter their workplace if they are familiar with and adhere to the specific safety concept applicable to their research unit and if they follow the provisions regarding mask-wearing at UZH.
Information for Staff

3. Research conducted in Switzerland outside of UZH

The same regulations apply as for research on UZH premises.

4. Research conducted outside Switzerland

Business and research trips on behalf of UZH are possible if the necessary safety measures are respected and the trip is approved by the relevant dean or head of Central Services unit.
Approval form for work-related travel abroad (PDF, 124 KB)

5. Research involving human beings

Research involving humans should be conducted virtually where possible (e.g. surveys, interviews). Research that requires physical contact with subjects may only be carried out in strict accordance with the FOPH protective measures (rules on hygiene and distancing, as well as compulsory mask wearing in direct contact situations). Exceptions are possible in a clinical setting.

6. Research at the university hospitals

UZH research at university hospitals is subject to the same regulations as research on UZH premises. Hospital management boards may, however, prohibit certain research activities for reasons of human and animal welfare.

7. Operation of and resources from support organizations

Research that relies on resources from support organizations (such as technology and research platforms, LASC, laboratories, etc.) may only be started if the research project leader has obtained assurance from the relevant service units that the required services can be provided.

Support organizations will provide researchers with their services as best they can and taking into account the work restrictions. There is no general right to the services provided by support organizations.