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Status: 17 November 2020

Staying Fit and Healthy Working from Home

Tips and ideas for working from home from the Safety, Security and Environment Office: Fact Sheet: Staying Fit and Healthy Working from Home

On-Site Teaching Suspended / General Obligation to Wear Masks

The Federal Council has announced new measures to contain and curb the second wave of the pandemic. As a result of these measures, UZH must further reduce its on-site presence. The following points now apply:

  • On-Site Teaching Suspended: On-site events at UZH are prohibited until further notice. Courses (including continuing education programs) will be held entirely in digital formats. Exceptions are courses that require attendance in person (e.g. practical classes in a lab or clinic) and selected individual lessons (e.g. for certain forms of examinations). The faculties (or respective office of the vice president or directorate for some continuing education programs) are responsible for regulating such exceptions.
  • General Obligation to Wear Masks: Masks are now obligatory in all indoor and outdoor areas of UZH except for in offices that are only occupied by one person and in which the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.

The following still applies:

  • The buildings will remain open in principle.
  • Services (e.g. libraries, advisory services, cafeterias) will continue to be provided as far as possible. More information about the opening hours of the cafeterias can be found on the cafeterias website.
  • UZH employees should continue to work on site with as limited a presence as possible.
  • Study spaces in libraries, public areas and selected lecture halls continue to be available for students to use.
  • Research continues to be permitted on-site provided the applicable protective measures are observed.

New Directive for Parents with Children Requiring Care

In view of the special situation, the Executive Board of the University has issued a new Directive on Staff at UZH with Children Requiring Care. The directive corresponds to the statutory provisions of the Canton of Zurich. More detailed information can be found on the UZH for Staff website:
UZH for Staff Website: Directive Staff with Children Requiring Care dated 27 Oct 20

Limited On-Site Presence

The directive issued last week continues to apply – work on site should be kept to a minimum. The individual organizational units will decide autonomously what degree of on-site presence is required and will ensure the applicable safety measures are observed. It is also important that all university units remain completely operational and are available by telephone, e-mail and via Teams/Zoom during office hours. With its decision of 20 October 2020, the Executive Board of the University of Zurich amended the Directive on Adapted On-Site Operations:
UZH for Staff Website: Directive on Adapted On-Site Operations dated 20 Oct 20

This Is How We Protect Each Other at UZH

Everyone at UZH (UZH members as well as external service providers and visitors) must adhere to the following rules

  • We wear a mask in all indoor and outdoor areas of UZH.
  • We adhere to the hygiene and conduct rules of the FOPH.
  • We keep 1.5 meters away from other people at all times.
  • We stay at home when we are ill or have returned from a high-risk area (according to the FOPH).
  • If we have symptoms we observe the current rules.
  • Students and guests only come to the university when their presence on-site is required.
  • UZH recommends using the SwissCovid app.

Procedure for (Suspected) Cases of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 at UZH, all employees must immediately inform their line managers and are required to stay away from UZH if they become infected with coronavirus, develop symptoms that point to a infection or have been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus. Please be sure to read the fact sheet on how to proceed in case of a (suspected) COVID-19 infection:
Fact Sheet: Procedure for COVID-19 Infections (Status: 29 September 2020)

Due to the planned gradual lifting of travel restrictions, the Executive Board of the University has decided to in principle allow work-related international travel and stays abroad on behalf of UZH. Members of UZH traveling abroad must follow the relevant travel recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the provisions issued by transport companies as well as the general rules of hygiene and conduct. International travel on UZH business will continue to be limited to urgent and important trips, which require the approval of the relevant dean or head of Central Services unit.

Approval form for work-related travel abroad (PDF, 124 KB) (Status: 1 July 2020)