Information for Students

Status: 4 May 2020

Gradual Return to On-Site Operations

On 26 April, the Federal Council began a gradual easing of the measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. UZH is therefore also planning a gradual and careful return to on-site operations in accordance with the federal and cantonal requirements. The key date for the return to on-site operations is 8 June 2020. Of course, such a return must be compatible with the rules of hygiene and conduct of the FOPH, as well as with the applicable restrictions on travel and group gatherings. We therefore assume that considerable restrictions will continue to apply until well after 8 June. Furthermore, the measures for the gradual return to on-site operations may be reversed at any time should the general situation with regard to the pandemic not improve as expected.

Courses will be held remotely until 7 June 2020 

As it is hardly possible to run courses and classes on-site while observing the necessary distancing rules, all events (courses, exams and all other events in all UZH organizational units) will continue to be held remotely until 7 June 2020. 

Exceptions possible from 8 June 2020

From 8 June 2020, all events that can be held remotely will continue to be held remotely. Exceptions to this rule include courses as well as written and oral exams from 8 June 2020 onwards that cannot be held digitally for practical reasons and must therefore take place on site at UZH. Teaching staff are still advised to hold exams digitally wherever possible. Further details about exams and courses will be provided by your faculty as soon as possible. 

Gradual reopening of UZH libraries

Effective immediately, libraries are offering an on-demand scanning service for exam-related literature for teaching staff. From 11 May onwards, researchers and teaching staff will have access to the libraries in accordance with the relevant regulations. From 8 June 2020, the university’s libraries will be open to all users again. 
Gradual reopening of UZH libraries

The following still applies:

1. Cancellation of failed attempts

Any modules in the Spring Semester 2020 that end in a failed attempt will be cancelled. A second failed attempt in the Spring Semester 2020 (repeat exam in the same semester) will be upheld.

2. Window for cancelling booked courses or assessments

You can cancel your enrollment for modules between 4 May 2020 and 17 May 2020, without giving a reason, should you feel unable to complete the assessment requirements under the current circumstances. Modules that you have already completed in this semester are excluded from this rule. Failed attempts for these modules will however also be cancelled at the end of the semester.

3. Teaching staff are requested to define exam contents and requirements in writing and inform you accordingly

Teaching staff will define the exam contents and assessment requirements in writing in good time before the cancellation window opens and inform you accordingly.

4. Written and oral exams will be held digitally wherever possible

Written and oral examinations scheduled to take place by the end of June 2020 will be held digitally on the regular dates wherever possible. Written and oral examinations that cannot be transferred to digital formats for compelling reasons will be held at a later date after the lecture period has ended. Further details will be provided by your faculty.

5. Deadlines for papers can be extended under certain conditions

Deadlines for papers that cannot be completed in the originally intended form as a result of insufficiently available sources, data or literature can be extended. Alternatively, the papers can be adapted to the new situation. Further details will be provided by your faculty.

6. Option to submit alternative assessment work in special cases

Do you have to complete military service, or are you at especially high risk from COVID-19 or affected by other limitations (studying with a disability) and thus unable or not sufficiently able to take part in digital teaching or sit your exams? Please get in touch with your faculty and ask about how to proceed. The faculties will assess how students can submit alternative assessment work or, if this is not possible, will review whether the module can be cancelled outside of the cancellation deadline.

7. Thesis defenses

In principle, thesis defenses can be held digitally, with all participants taking part remotely using digital tools.

The extraordinary situation is presenting great challenges for all of us, and we are very aware of that. We are doing everything possible to support you as best we can, and to make sure you get all relevant information in good time. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.