Information for Teaching Staff

Status 30: June 2021

Planning Principles for Teaching in the 2021 Fall Semester

Approved by the Executive Board on 1 June 2021. Please note the currently applicable government regulations.

Based on current federal government information and forecasts on the pandemic as well as planned measures by the UZH pandemic management team, teaching at UZH in the 2021 Fall Semester is expected to be able to take place in a mostly regular fashion, i.e. without significant restrictions and distancing rules. The following planning principles thus apply for the 2021 Fall Semester:

  1. Classroom teaching is again possible in principle. Online teaching or elements thereof can and should continue to be used where possible and reasonable.
  2. Assessments can be held online or on site.
  3. Course and assessment formats are based on the needs of students and the requirements of the relevant study programs. When it comes to classes for new students, interactive teaching formats and practical/clinical courses, on-site teaching and partial on-site teaching formats are to be preferred in principle. Large courses that do not feature significant interaction (in particular, lectures aimed at more advanced students) can continue to be held online only or with online elements. Details will be defined by the faculties.
  4. Vulnerable students and instructors who cannot be vaccinated against coronavirus for justifiable reasons must be able to continue their studies/their teaching without suffering disproportionate disadvantages. The UZH pandemic management team will define and coordinate the relevant safety measures based on federal regulations and cantonal provisions.
  5. The course catalogue represents the binding planning basis for students. Course and assessment formats must therefore be defined and documented in the course catalogue before module booking becomes available in August 2021.

Please note that adverse epidemiological developments, delays in Switzerland’s vaccination rollout and similar issues cannot be ruled out. Teaching at UZH must be able to adapt to changes in government/cantonal and operational provisions at all times. The relevant considerations must thus always be taken into account by all involved parties.

University Operations in the current Spring Semester 2021

The decisions taken by the Federal Council yesterday do not directly affect current university operations. UZH will complete the 2021 Spring Semester with the measures that are currently in place.