U-Multirank 2016: UZH improved in 13 indicators

In the current U-Multirank results, the University of Zurich is in the top group in 12 of 28 indicators. Compared to last year, UZH improved in 13 of the 28 indicators. Overall, the changes are small in scope. Particularly positive is the improvement in research-related indicators such as

  • Citation rate
  • Publications (absolute number and number according to number of researchers)
  • Percentage of publications among the 10% most cited worldwide
  • Percentage of interdisciplinary publications

As a result of these improvements, UZH is in the top group in five of the seven indicators for which data are available in the section “Research” . 

Other areas showing better results include the rate of graduation from Bachelor's and Master's degree programs (also in the section “Research”) and the number of patents awarded (in the section “Knowledge Transfer”). In the section “International Orientation,” U-Multirank registered an increase in publications with international partners as well as an increase in PhDs awarded to international students. In addition, there is an increase in publications with local partners.

UZH's performance in 11 U-Multirank indicators has decreased slightly compared to last year; the greatest changes (roughly 0.5%) were in the following areas:

  • Graduation in the standard period of study in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs
  • Co-publications with industrial partners
  • Publications cited in patents

The ranking is not an actual rating; instead, it groups the results in five levels of performance. UZH is in the top group in 12 (of 28) indicators, in the second highest group in ten, the third group in three, and the fourth group in three.