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The "Webometrics Ranking of World Universities" is a project at
"Cybermetrics Lab", a research group affiliated with the "Consejo Superior de Inverstigacinoes Cientificas (CSIC)". The CSIC is the largest public research center in Spain.

Webometrics assessess the Internet sites of 15,000 institutions of higher learning.

Over 5,000 institutions are listed in the rankings.
Data Basis & MethodologyIndicators
Secondary analyses of web data
- Search machines: Google, Yahoo and Bing Search
- Document types: PDF, PS, DOC, PPT

Publication database

- Scimago SIR
- Google Scholar
Size 20%
- Measured by the number of websites found by Google, Yahoo or Bing Search

Visibility 50%
- Measured by the number of inlinks according to Yahoo Site Explorer

Research output 
- Rich Files 15%
Volume of documents in the following formats PDF, PS, DOC and PPT in the search machines Google, Yahoo or Bing
- Publications 15%
Number of articles found in Google Scholar according to Scimago SIR


Until recently, the University of Zurich had two Internet addresses (URLs). Webometrics' assessments are, however, based only on a single address, which led to a much poorer showing than would be expected from UZH's presence in the Internet. After harmonizing the URL addresses in 2012, the University achieved a better ranking.

In this assessment, it is important to note that the indicators mainly assess the quality of an institution's presence in the Internet. Certain aspects that are otherwise considered in rankings – for example, non-online publications – were given little consideration, while others – such as teaching, awards, third-party funds – were left entirely out of the equation.