UZH in University Rankings

The University of Zurich has an excellent reputation in Switzerland and abroad. This is mirrored in UZH’s position in international university rankings and in the funding allocated by national and international institutions. UZH is at least in the top 100 universities in international rankings; in national funding programs we are in first place, and in competition for EU funds we are in third place among Swiss institutions of higher learning. The latter rankings, so-called alternative rankings, are very interesting because they provide an unfiltered view of relevant numbers, all of which are open to the public. Because indicators are not weighted by the editors of a given ranking system, the process has greater objectivity.

The following web pages provide background information on the methodology used in international rankings that compare institutions of higher learning. The CHE Ranking, which is well-known in the German-speaking world, is not described because its focus is restricted to a regional, often subject-specific comparison of universities. UZH as an institution rarely takes part in the CHE Ranking; the decision for participating is made by the University departments whose subject area is evaluated by CHE.

Individual faculties, for example the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, provide information on subject-specific rankings.