Salary and Contributions


A staff member's basic salary is set out in the relevant salary regulations and, depending on the type of employment, is paid in either 12 or 13 monthly installments.

In addition, allowances may also be paid, such as:

  • Child allowances and/or education allowances
  • Position allowances (Funktionszulagen)


Contributions are salary deductions required to pay social insurances. These cover:
  • AHV/IV/EO (old-age and survivors' insurance / invalidity insurance / regulations on loss of income during military service and maternity leave)
  • ALV (unemployment insurance)
  • UVG (work-related accident insurance / non-work-related accident insurance)
  • Pension funds (BVK and VSAO)

Deductions can also be made for:

  • Voluntary accident insurance (private cover for medical costs)
  • Lunch checks (see lunch check regulations)
  • Parking fees
  • Other