FAQ Museums / Coronavirus

Is the UZH Covidpass valid for the UZH museums and collections?

The UZH Covidpass is only valid for courses subject to mandatory certificate requirement. It is not valid for regular visits to museums.

If school classes with schoolchildren over the age of 16 visit UZH museums or collections, do they have to present Covid certificates?

Yes, all teachers and students over the age of 16 must show a valid Covid certificate with QR code (electronic or on paper) together with official photo ID. Exceptions are made for group visits by school classes outside of the public opening hours. Please enquire at the respective museums or collections for more information.

Do masks have to be worn in public indoor areas of UZH museums and collections?

No; the certificate requirement means masks are no longer mandatory. However, we recommend that visitors still wear masks when visiting our exhibitions, on guided tours, at workshops or at indoor events.

What about data protection when showing the Covid certificate?

Your data is secure; no personal data is centrally stored.