Open Science

The university is the place of free and public science. Open access to scientific knowledge and procedures increases the dissemination and further development of knowledge and the credibility of science.

Open Access to Publications

The University of Zurich promotes free and open access to scientific publications and thus the dissemination of scientific knowledge (Open Access). Researchers at the UZH make their publications fully accessible on the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA) whenever it is possible. Individual scientific observations can be published on the online platform ScienceMatters.

Open Access to Data

Open access to the primary and metadata of research projects enables their further use, evaluation and reproduction for the benefit of science. The UZH supports its researchers in managing and publishing their research data.


Open access to education can be achieved through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The UZH supports the development of MOOCs (coordination of MOOCs).

Citizen Science

In Citizen Science projects, researchers plan and conduct research together with the public. The UFSP Dynamics of Healthy Aging, Citizen Linguistics, the MS Register and the Science Lab provide the first platform for participatory research with the public at UZH.