Examination Requirements


The scope and content of the entrance examination largely correspond with the Swiss secondary-school leaving examination.

Subjects Examined

  1. A first language, but either German, French or Italian
  2. A second language, but either Geman, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek; here the language chosen under point 1 is excluded and German is compulsory under either point 1 or point 2.
  3. English 
  4. Mathematics 
  5. History
  6. Choice of four subjects from biology, physics, chemistry, geography, economics and law.
    A major in one of the four subjects chosen under point 6 is compulsory.

A written and an oral examination are required for subjects listed under points 1-4, whereas the subjects under points 5 and 6 will only be examined orally.

The list of recommended teaching materials includes self-study materials for each subject to be examined; these are recommended by the examiners as preparation for the examination.