Compulsory Matriculation

Matriculation is the process of registering as a student and is therefore compulsory in order to be able to study at the University of Zurich. Matriculation entitles you to benefit from services of the University of Zurich. This includes, in particular, attending courses, benefiting from advice and support, use of the libraries and collections, IT services, earning ECTS credits, and registering for examinations.

Matriculation is done for a specific faculty. The matriculation process begins when you submit your application to UZH. Your eligibility to matriculate with the desired faculty and for a specific degree program will then be reviewed.

Please also read the following documents:

  • ordinance on admission to studies at the University of Zurich, dated 18 April 2011 (in German only)
  • regulations governing matriculation procedures and semester enrollment, dated 30 January 2014 (in German only)

Admission rejected on grounds of exclusion

Anyone who has been specifically excluded from studying at a Swiss or foreign university will generally not be admitted to a comparable course of study at UZH.