Advisory Services for Students

Central advisory services of the University

Student Advisory Services
Student Advisory Services provide advice on choosing a study program or changing to a different program and can help you with questions and issues that are not specific to one faculty or program. 

Psychological Counseling Services
This advisory center offers students of both universities consultations and advice, and can also arrange help where needed.

Housing Office of University and ETH Zurich

Student Financial Aid Office
Advice on grants and loans for students.

Disability Office
Individual advice to students; support for students experiencing financial difficulties; advice and possible assistance with services relating to all kinds of mobility problems; organization of aid; help making contact (e.g. with students, lecturers, organizations) etc.

Career Services University of Zurich
Career Services will help you with any career related queries such as career options, job applications and how to start out on your career.

International Scholars Center

The International Scholars Center provides assistance to new non-professorial academic staff from abroad to settle in to UZH and Zurich.

Further advisory services of the University

Office for Gender Equality
Advisory and ombudsman's office for personal, study-related and professional matters for women at the University of Zurich. Advice for women and men on issues relating to the promotion of equal opportunities.

Funding for Individuals and Projects
The office Funding for Individuals and Projects offers advice on funding for dissertations and postdoctoral projects.

Advisory services offered by departements, the canton and students

Point of Contact Postponement Military Service
The Liaison Office Armed Forces - Universities provides information on the suspension of army service and advises students on questions related to studies and military service.

The VSUZH Committee for Legal Services (ReBeKo)
The VSUZH committee for legal services offers students advice on general legal questions arising in daily life.

Nightline Zurich
Nightline Zurich is an evening telephone hotline run by students for students of the University of Zurich and ETH Zürich.

Church Community of the Reformed Church of Zurich

aki - Catholic Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual and therapeutic counseling; courses aimed at preparing for examinations.