The University of Zurich neither owns nor rents out any student rooms. In fact, none of the universities in Zurich administrate student accommodation. Housing for students is offered by different institutions that are connected with the University, but operate independently.

Since the demand on housing is high, it is important to start looking for accommodation in good time and to explore every possible avenue.

The Housing Office of University / ETH Zurich issues an overview of useful addresses, if you’re looking for reasonably priced accommodation as well as accommodation at short notice.

Accommodation offers can also be found on the various notice boards in the University buildings and institutes.

A useful link for students looking for accommodation from outside Switzerland is the University of Zurich and ETH "Marktplatz".

The youth hostel and the City Backpacker hotel are recommended options for temporary living arrangements at a reasonable price.

Apartment Fraud

Many enticing websites are currently on the internet offering apartments to rent. Please be warned that such websites are often managed by fraudsters who are simply advertising non-existent apartments.

In such cases, we have noticed that the owner usually cannot be reached because he/she is abroad. Appointments to view the apartment are handled by a logistics company, a "friend" or a "lawyer". If you agree to rent the apartment, you are immediately requested to pay one month’s rent in advance.

  • You should never transfer money or make any payments before you sign the rental contract.
  • If you are suspicious about your future landlord/landlady, you could try to find out more about his/her identity.
  • Keep a record of all correspondence and inform us immediately if you think that one of our advertisements originates from a fraudster.