AHV: Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance

The Canton of Zurich's office for social insurance, SVA, determines the rates for social insurance. You also pay the sum directly to the SVA office.
In the first half of the year, all students receive a letter with information on their insurance obligation. Students are required to fill in and return a form to the SVA office.

All Swiss and foreign students with legal residence in Switzerland must pay contributions. The AHV contribution is CHF 480.00 (administrative fees included) per calendar year for people who do not work.

If students are employed and pay AHV via their employer, the amount they pay into the system is subtracted from the CHF 480.00. Employed students must enclose their annual pay statement when returning the SVA form.

Please read the information about AHV contributions and the  information from SVA (in German).

Important note: With every year you don’t pay into the fund, you risk a major reduction in your state retirement pension - an even greater problem in the event of disability. When you leave UZH, we recommend that you contact the Canton of Zurich's SVA office if you are neither working nor studying at another Swiss higher education institution.