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Welcome to z-Tree Wiki!

About this Wiki

This Wiki is used to share experience of z-Tree users. The current developers of z-Tree, Urs Fischbacher and Stefan Schmid, provide some initial documentation. We hope that users share add their comments and provide sample treatments.

Version 3 info

Version 3 is now released. Find information about what is new in version 3.

How to edit text

This wiki is based on PmWiki's. A local copy of PmWiki's documentation has been installed along with the software, and is available via the documentation index.

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

More information about PmWiki is available from

How to contribute to this Wiki

You can simply add text by using the Edit command ( password = pw4zw!ki ). See for instruction below. For security reasons, it is not possible to upload pictures and treatments directly. If you want to include pictures and provide sample treatment, there are two way to proceed:

  • You send the material to Schmid Stefan <>, he will upload it, and you can refer to it.
  • You make an external reference to a URL at your location, and you inform me about it. I will upload it to the z-Tree-Wiki and change the reference. Please to only link images and treatments that can be uploaded to this Wiki. This way, it is much easier to keep the Wiki in shape.

Structure of articles

Manual pages

  1. If available, reference to samples
  2. Technical description
  3. Tips

List pages (e.g. sample treatments)

  1. Write a comment about the stucture of the list.
  2. Refer to similar lists.
  3. Add the list.
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