With the financial support of The KEY Foundation for Brain-Mind Research, Zurich (President: Dr. Kieko Kochi), a non-profit organization accredited in Zurich, the KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research with Prof. Dietrich Lehmann as scientific director was established in January 1995 at The University Hospital of Psychiatry in Zurich. Our research goal is the elucidation of human brain mechanisms of cognitive and emotional information processing. We use multichannel brain-electric field recordings (EEG/ERP) to measure brain activity during spontaneous mentation and stimulus-evoked processing in normal subjects and psychiatric patients. Brain field data can be viewed as a series of momentary, spatial potential distributions (map landscapes). These sequences can be parsed into micro state segments of quasi-stable landscape, the putative "Atoms of Thought". The three-dimensional distribution of the electrically active neural tissue can be evaluated using low-resolution electro-magnetic tomography LORETA (LORETA-KEY ©).


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