New papers presented at international conferences

Researchers of the URPP Language and Space regularly present their new papers at international conferences. Here is a list of selected presentations given in July and August 2017:

At the IPrA 2017 conference in Belfast several members of the research group Interactional Spaces actively participated.
Wolfgang Kesselheim & Kenan Hochuli, Using mobile eye-trackers to explore the social construction of shared visual attention in interaction, as part of the panel “Mobile Eye-Tracking in Interaction,” led by Anja Stukenbrock and Karola Pitsch.
Daniel Recktenwald & Nathalie Meyer, Participation Framework(s) on Twitch, as part of the lecture session “Computer Mediated Communication (CMC).”
Nathalie Meyer, Digitally-Mediated Empractical Speaking in a Multi-party Online Video Game, as part of the panel “Empractical speaking and knowledge construction,” led by Wolfgang Kesselheim and Stefan Hauser.

Tatyana Ruzsics & Tanja Samardžić presented their new paper Neural Sequence-to-sequence Learning of Internal Word Structure at this year’s SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL 2017, 2–4 August 2017), Vancouver, Canada.

Karina Frick gave a paper entitled Intermediale Aushandlung von Normen (24 August 2017) as participant of the 7th international conference on contrastive media linguistics (7. Internationale Tagung zur kontrastiven Medienlinguistik, University of Helsinki, 23–25 August 2017) dedicated to the topics “Medienkulturen – Multimodalität und Intermedialität.”