New papers presented at international conferences

Researchers of the URPP Language and Space regularly present their new papers at international conferences. Here you find a list of selected presentations given in july and august 2017:

At the IPrA 2017 conference in Belfast several members of the research group Interactional Spaces actively participated.
Wolfgang Kesselheim & Kenan Hochuli, Using mobile eye-trackers to explore the social construction of shared visual attention in interaction, as part of the panel “Mobile Eye-Tracking in Interaction” led by Anja Stukenbrock and Karola Pitsch.
Daniel Recktenwald & Nathalie Meyer, Participation Framework(s) on Twitch, as part of the lecture session “Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)”.
Nathalie Meyer, Digitally-Mediated Empractical Speaking in a Multi-party Online Video Game, as part of the panel “Empractical speaking and knowledge construction” led by Wolfgang Kesselheim and Stefan Hauser.

Tatyana Ruzsics & Tanja Samardžić presented their new paper Neural Sequence-to-sequence Learning of Internal Word Structure at this year’s SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL 2017, 2.-4. August 2017), Vancouver, Canada.

Karina Frick gave a paper entitled Intermediale Aushandlung von Normen (24.8.2017) as participant of the 7th international conference on contrastive media linguistics (7. Internationale Tagung zur kontrastiven Medienlinguistik, University of Helsinki, 23.-25.8.2017) dedicated to the topics “Medienkulturen – Multimodalität und Intermedialität”.