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Magnolia CMS User Guide



The component "ZORA" allows the inclusion of publications listed in the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA). These lists are generated dynamically, i.e. they reflect the current content of ZORA.


  1. Click on "New Content Component" in the "Content" area.
  2. Select "ZORA" and confirm with "Next".

The following window is displayed:

You can search for publications by the name or the ORCID (see box on the right) of an author. (Entering both fields at the same time does not make sense.) For "Name", enter the name exactly as it is given in ZORA (as a rule, this is "Surname, Initial". Ex: Einstein, A). You will find the list of authors in ZORA under Creators/Editors.

Alternatively, you can display all publications in a ZORA collection (see box on the right). These two search options can also be combined. In this case, the result sets are AND-linked: The search setting "Name: Gapp ” alone result to eleven hits, but in combination with the "Collection" 10242 only nine.
The selected operator determines the type of linkage of the subsequent "Free input" field with the search result defined by the preceding fields.

Free entry (Freie Eingabe)

A "Free Entry" (Freie Eingabe) can only be made in combination with at least one of the first three fields. The ZORA fields must be addressed in the specific notation described below:

  • (Author) AU=Grapp,Frederik (no space between surname and first name!)
  • (Collection) CC=10039
  • (Eprint-Id) EPID=138132
  • (Publisher/Editor) ED=Horn,Anita (no space between surname and first name!)
  • (Type) TY=article (other types: book_section, conference_item, monograph, dissertation, habilitation, newspaper_article, edited_scientific_work, working_paper, published_research_report, scientific_publication_in_electronic_form)
  • (Subtype) STY=original (or else: STY=further)
  • (Publication Year) PY=2016 (Format: YYYY, -YYYY (to), YYYY- (from) or YYYY-YYYY)
  • (Chair/Subject) CS=sSinologie0 (or: CS=cBehr0)
  •  Keyword) KW=infection

Several entries are possible. Each of them must be in a separate line. Entries for the same attribute contribute cumulatively to the result. Entries for different attributes are AND-linked (this is made clear in the Complex scenarios).

The remaining settings concern the display of the hit list. They are largely self-explanatory. Sorting also provides a more attractive display (PNG, 130 KB) of the search result. "Link Text" moves the link to the end of the citations. (By default, the publication titles link to the ZORA entry).

Weiterführende Informationen

What is ZORA?

The "Zurich Open Repository and Archive" (ZORA) offers worldwide free access to scientific publications of the University of Zurich.


The ORCID-iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is used to uniquely identify scientific authors. It is recommended that all authors register an ORCID-iD at and have it entered into ZORA. For further questions, please contact


Collection Id


A Collection refers to an institute, center, or clinic. The complete list can be found under Communities & Collections. There, click on your desired institute and now note its URL in the browser's address bar. The Collection is the numerical value before the .html - e.g. 10277 for the Department of Religious Studies.