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Magnolia CMS User Guide

Edit pages

Each page is divided into sections and components, depending on the template used. On opening, the sections and components appear with a light green bar. To edit, click in the bar and then in the Edit icon.


The most used template "Content" consists of these standard sections:


User Guide

Seite bearbeiten


These sections contain components. Components are used for specific applications. The most common component is the text/image component.

Different templates contain different components. The possible components can be found in the "Templates" User Guide. The individual components are described in the "Components" User Guide:

User Guide

Komponenten bearbeiten

Task: Create component

  1. Open one of your pages
  2. Chose the section «CONTENT» and add a Text/Image Component.
  3. Enter Title and Text and save
  4. Chosse the section «RELATED CONTENT» and add a Teaser-Component.
  5. Enter Title and Text and save.
  6. Publish the page and open it in the Live view


Task: Copy and move Component

  1. Copy the Text/Image-Component
  2. Paste it on the same page
  3. Change the title of the pasted component
  4. Move the new component above the other one