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Magnolia CMS User Guide

Edit pages

Each page is divided into sections and components, depending on the template used. On opening, the sections and components appear with a light green bar. To edit, click in the bar and then in the Edit icon.


In all templates there are the following standard areas:

  • Intro (at the beginning)
  • Related Content (at the end)
  • Section navigation (at the end)

The actual content is placed in these areas:

  • Content or ContentBlock (depending on the template)
  • Grid (only in the template “Overview”)


These sections contain components. Components are used for specific applications. The most common component is the text/image component.Different templates contain different components.

Components can be copied and inserted elsewhere. When inserting, the corresponding area, e.g. “Content,” must be activated, otherwise the insert command will not appear.

Components can also be moved on a page.

Task 1: Create component

  1. Open one of your pages
  2. Add a Text/Image Component.
  3. Enter a title and some text and save
  4. Publish the page
  5. Check the live version on


Task: Copy and move Component

  1. Copy the Text/Image-Component
  2. Paste it on the same page
  3. Change the title of the pasted component
  4. Move the new component above the other one

User manual (in German)

Seite bearbeiten
Komponenten bearbeiten

The possible components can be found in "Templates", individual components in "Components":