The path to research begins during your BA and MA studies

Are you curious about how schools "work"?

Would you like to gain some insight into our research projects?

How does research work? How does one begin a new research project? How do we plan a new study? How do we find schools to participate in our studies? How do we involve schools in our research projects? How do we develop interview guidelines or questionnaires? And how can you, despite the large amount of data, still see ‘the forest’ and answer the research question? How can we ensure that our results are relevant for school practice?

During your tertiary education, you can find numerous possibilities to work on research projects with us

You can conduct your own study as part of your final thesis (BA and MA), evaluate pre-existing data or discuss research questions with us in the Master and PhD Colloquium. You can also take advantage of the advertised internshipand the opportunities to work on a research project as a student assistant.

We look forward to meeting you!