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The chair offers several bachelor and master courses within the focus "School, Teaching and Didacticts" of the study programs Education and Pedagogics/Psychology.

Our courses address various subject areas of research on learning, instruction and didactics. In our overview of the current courses you will find information on lectures and seminars offered this semester.

All explanatory leaflets and guidelines concering the bachelor's degree and the master's degree programs as well as the guidelines for written assignments in our focus area can be found on the website of the student administration of the Institute of Education.

Written assignments

Interested students can write an assignment in one of our offered subject areas. The chair covers a wide range of topics of research on teaching, educational psychology, teachers’ professionalism or comparative education. If you are interested in teaching quality, modern teaching settings, self-centred cognition or teachers' convictions, diagnostics in daily school life, individual differences in students' performance and personality or teaching in different cultural environments, you are welcome to present your idea to us. Furthermore, you are can also write a thesis with a focus on methodological approaches. At our chair, we focus on video-based teaching research as well as high-frequency measures.

Writing an assignment is a great undertaking and starts by choosing an interesting topic, with which you want to devote yourself for a longer period of time. With pleasure, we advise and inspire you in your choice of topic. We recommend that you contact us early on.

Feel free to take a look at our current selection of possible topics or get in touch with us directly. We are always available for questions and are looking forward to you  contacting us.

Research internships

Internal internships at our chair are aimed at master and bachelor students of Education and the subdiscipline Pedagogics/Psychology. On request, students of the MSc Psychology can complete an internship at our chair as well. As part of a research internship, you can participate in our ongoing research projects and gain insights into the subject areas of our chair. You are also welcome to use an internship as preparation for later work without a course (written assignments, bachelor's or master's thesis). You will find information on current tenderings on the Institute's website under Internal Internships.


If you wish, you can also complete a doctorate in one of our subject areas. If you are interested in a dissertation on one of our main topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find an overview of current doctoral theses under the rubric PhD students.

© Thomas Entzeroth 2018
© Thomas Entzeroth 2018

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Documents regarding courses can be found on the e-learning platform OLAT.


Course catalogue and "Lehre 12.0" provide information on lectures and seminars.