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Institute of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Pharmacology & Toxicology

In order to guarantee the highest standard of quality in forensic-scientific assessment over the long term, future-oriented research is needed. Numerous research projects ensure the best possible analytical technology and methods, and consequently the best possible assessments.

Current research projects

Analytical toxicology
Development and validation of new analytical procedures in biological matrices by means of the most modern, mass-spectrometric measurement processes.

Mass-spectrometric imaging
The use of MALDI mass-spectrometric imaging in forensic toxicology to determine the presence of drugs or medication.

Examination of the distribution (transport proteins), of enantio-selective and CYP-isoform dependent metabolisms as well as the excretion of new pharmaceutical substances and drugs.

Development and validation of new determination procedures in keratinized biological matrices (hair and nails). Clarification of the mechanism of the incorporation of drugs or pharmaceutical substances into keratinized biological matrices.

Systematic evaluation of possible fields of application of high resolution mass spectrometry.


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