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Naman Ahuja

Naman Ahuja, Prof. Dr.

Naman Ahuja is a Professor of the Art and Architecture of Ancient India at Jawaharlal Nehru University. His research on popular imagery from the post-Mauryan period brought to light a pantheon of Indian gods and goddesses that were irrevocably transformed after AD 200. During the past four years has been the Tutor of the post-graduate Asian Arts Course at the British Museum, London, where he was also curator in 2001. Until 2004, he was a Fellow at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, where he wrote a comprehensive volume on their collections of early Indian antiquities. He is the recipient of several international grants and awards and has lectured widely across the world. He is the coauthor of Divine Presence, the Arts of India and the Himalayas (Five Continents Editions, Milan and Barcelona, 2003), which was translated into Spanish and Catalan, and is a regular contributor to various International scholarly journals. 

FS 2012: 
Seminar Ancient Indian Buddhist Art