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Translation Resources and References

Guidelines and References

When you translate UZH texts – or have them translated – please use the following resources and reference tools:

UZH English Writing Guide (PDF, 1 MB)
Impressum German-English (PDF, 164 KB)
Academic Titles in German and English (PDF, 20 KB)


For official UZH terminology, please consult UniTerm, the University’s termbase. We are happy to send translators and translation service providers who use CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) the current version of the termbase in electronic form.

We also provide a list of useful termbases and dictionaries: 
Terminology and Dictionaries.

Machine Translation

The use of machine translation is becoming increasingly widespread. While the quality has significantly increased over the past few years, there are various factors (text suitability, target audience, data security) that need to be considered when it comes to using machine translation tools (e.g. DeepL, Google Translate), especially in academic contexts. English Language Services are on hand to answer any questions you may have about machine translation. Below you also find two helpful documents on the topic:

Using machine translation for academic texts (ZHAW; in German) (PDF, 1 MB)
American Translators Association position paper machine translation (PDF, 179 KB)


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UZH Termbase

Find German and English terms from the world of higher education and UZH-specific vocabulary in our termbase "UniTerm."


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