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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Culture medium production lab


Haitp Zenuni is the main responsible for culture media production. Eliane Escher substitutes.
The lab is equipped with a big autoclave of approx. 400 liters usable space for liquid culture media production.
Plates are produced by means of a MediaClav with a maximum capacity of 10 liters and a MediaJet for sterile filling of 60mm and 90mm petri dishes (both devices by Integra Biosciences).
We produce yearly more than 100.000 petri dishes of various culture media according to standard protocols. These culture media plates are used in the institute by different groups for different experimental purposes. All production is documented.




The lab produces the following culture media regularly:

  • NGM agar plates
  • LB agar plates, with and without antibiotics (ampicillin, kanamycin)
  • apple juice agar plates
  • YE5S agar plates
  • LB liquid
  • 2xTY liquid
  • 10x and 1x PBS


Liquid culture media are usually aliquoted in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Special orders are welcome but should be intended for bigger outputs (> 2 liters).

Drosophila media production lab ("Fly food")


Lubka Spassova is responsible for the lab that is equipped with two 100L boiling pots and a filling roboter.
The media is produced three times a week. Orders for fly food are managed via an order form in the institute's intranet. Orders are processed according to a standard protocol for the fly food with optional additions/combinations of yeast, molasses and propionic acid.
The media is aliquoted in three different sizes of established fly culture tubes. After filling and cooling, orders are portioned into raco boxes and made ready for pickup.