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Physik-Institut Disordered and Biological Soft Matter

Christof Aegerter

Christof Aegerter, Prof. Dr.

  • Group leader
+41 (0)44 635 58 13

Curriculum vitae

Personal Information

Date of birth                              04.12.1972

Nationality                                 Swiss

Marital Status                           married, 2 children


1991-1996                Studies of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy, University of Zürich, Switzerland Diploma thesis in the group of Prof. H. Keller

1996-1998                PhD Thesis with Prof. H. Keller at the Physics Institute, University of Zürich, Switzerland

1999-2000                Postdoctorate with Prof. C.M. Surko, University of California San Diego, USA

2001-2004                Research Assistant with Prof. R. Griessen, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2004-2007                Research Associate with Prof. G. Maret, University of Konstanz, Germany

2007-                Privatdozent in Physics at the University of Konstanz, Germany

2008-                Group Leader and Lecturer at the Physics Institute at the University of Zürich, Switzerland