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Physik-Institut Medical Physics and Radiation Research - Research Group of Prof. Uwe Schneider

Medical Physics and Radiation Research

Medical Physics and Radiation Research

Welcome to the Medical Physics and Radiation Research group of the Universtity of Zurich!


We are conducting research and development in

Medical Physics, Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling.

We are involved in projects which pursue research and development towards next generation radiotherapy and imaging.

Our main research topics are:

  • Development of radio-biological models
  • Radiation research
  • Monte Carlo simulations for radiotherapy and imaging
  • Dosimetry for radiotherapy and imaging
  • Development of novel detector systems

We are working in strong collaboration with:

On these pages, we give a brief overview on our activities.





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Dr. Linda Walsh at UZH-Medical Physics

Linda Walsh is Honorary Visiting Research Fellow. She will work with us on the analyses of data from the Life Span Study cohort of Japanese survivors of the World War II atomic-bomb attacks.