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News 2019

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  • Fingerprints

    Orbital tomography of a complex catalyst

    Orbital tomography is a method for reconstruction of molecular orbitals of organic adsorbates. Members of the group Osterwalder extended it to systems with multiple rotational domains.

  • Titus Neupert

    Dectris Prize 2019 Karin von Arx

    Congratulations to Karin von Arx, the winner of the DECTRIS Experimental Physics Prize! The Prize is given to an excellent Master's thesis in experimental physics at our institute.

  • Titus Neupert

    Group Fabian Natterer: Publication in PRB Rapid Comm

    Stable single atom magnets may assume a secret identity! Holmium single atom magnets are mostly classical for safe data storage but when we turn them into a quantum system, they become excellent for state control.




  • Open Day

    Open Day 2019, November 22, 15:00-19:00

    Members of the Physics Department presented 52 posters with current research directions and ideas for future experiments and lead through the mechanical workshop and the research laboratories.

  • Titus Neupert

    Congratulations to Titus Neupert

    Titus Neupert will be awarded the 'Klung-Wilhelmy-Wissenschafts-Price' for his work on theoretical predictions of new topological states of matter, especially the fractional Chern insulators and higher order topological insulators.

  • Prof. Dr. Alexey Soluyanov, SNF professor for theoretical solid-state physics, has passed away

    We are mourning for our colleague, mentor, and friend, Alexey Soluyanov. After bravely fighting a hard struggle against his cancer, he has passed from us on October 26 in St. Petersburg, much too early, at the age of 36 years. We will remember Alexey Soluyanov as an eager and cheerful person, with whom we were lucky enough to share our passion for physics.

  • Marta Gibert

    Congratulations to Marta Gibert

    Marta Gibert was awarded the iWOE prize for excellency in research.

  • scientifica

    Scientifica 2019

    Impressions from our booth 'Dark Matter, Antimatter - Does it Matter?

    at the Scientifica 2019, Friday, 30 August 2019 - Sunday, 1 September 2019 (

  • ttHbb

    Top and bottom quarks - spotlight on the higgs boson

    The CMS collaboration has recently released new results on how the top quark and Higgs boson interact, and this required a much deeper understanding of the production of top quarks together with bottom quarks. 

  • Top Quark Pairs

    Particle Physics with top quark pairs

    Theoretical particle physicists at the University of Zurich have completed a new precision calculation for the production of top-quark pairs at hadron colliders.

  • Annual Report 2018

    The Annual report 2018 is online: Annual Report 2018.


  • Daniel Salerno

    CMS Thesis Award 2018

    Congratulations to Daniel Salerno, the winner of the CMS PhD Thesis Award 2018.


    XENON - measurement of slowest radioactive decay

    The XENON experiment measured the extremely rare decay of Xenon-124 with a half-life of 1.8 ·1022 years.


  • Thermodynamik

    Thermodynamic Magic - Cooling without Energy Consumption

    The group of Andreas Schilling has developed a device that allows heat to flow from a cold to a warm object without an external power supply. Intriguingly - in appearing contradiction to fundamental laws of physics.

  • Schindler

    Mercator Award: Jury Prize for Frank Schindler

    Frank Schindler, PhD student in Titus Neupert's group receives the special prize of the Mercator Award jury

  • Gino

    Flavor Anomalies and the origin of the Yukawa couplings

    Gino Isidori, UZH professor in physics, received an ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant for theoretical investigations about the origin of elementary particle masses, which aim at extending the current paradigm of fundamental interactions. 

  • RK

    LHCb: Update of lepton universality test measurement RK

    The LHCb Collaboration presented an updated measurement of the ratio RK, an important test of a principle of the Standard Model of particle physics known as "lepton universality", which states that electrons, muons and taus couple to other particles with the same strength.

  • CPV

    LHCb sees a new flavour of matter–antimatter asymmetry

    The LHCb collaboration has just presented at the Rencontres de Moriond EW and in a special CERN Seminar the first observation of CP violation in charm particle decays.

  • Hess

    APS physics awards Titus Neupert as 'Outstanding Referee'

    Congratulations to Titus Neupert who has been honored with the American Physical Society Outstanding Referee award

  • Hess

    Astronomy and Astrophysics journal highlights HESS results

    The pulsar wind nebula HESS J1825-137 was one of the first sources detected by HESS in the Galactic Plane and the first to show strong energy-dependent morphology.

  • Nanowire

    Cuprate Trilogy

    In a trio of recent papers, the group of Prof. J. Chang has made a number of new discoveries about the nature of the cuprates' electronic structure and orbital composition.

  • Nanowire

    Photoelectrons from under water

    In a collaboration with PSI, the group of Jürg Osterwalder built up a surface analytical instrument that can detect photoelectrons from solid liquid interfaces at vapor pressures up to 20 mbar. This method will be useful for energy research, for example for water splitting, fuel cells or batteries.

  • Appointments: Prof. Dr. Johan Chang und Prof. Dr. Titus Neupert

    Johan Chang was appointed Associate Professor of Experimental Physics and Titus Neupert Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics of Condensed Matter

  • Open Day

    Winner of the 2019 Poster Award

    Claudia Cornella, Julie Pagès (Goup Isidori)
    Lisa Grad, Mart Taskin, Roberta Totani, Jan Beckord (Group Osterwalder )
    Frederic Girard (Group Baudis)