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News 2022

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  • Electronic chirality in an achiral Kagome superconductor

    An international team including members of the group Neupert has for the first time observed the electronic magneto-chiral anisotropy (eMChA) in a structurally achiral crystal, CsV3Sb5.

  • Ernst Brun

    Ernst Brun, Professor Emeritus of Experimental Physics born on March 31, 1927, deceased on November 19, 2022 at the age of 95 years

    Ernst Brun studied physics at the University of Zurich and received his doctorate in 1954 under Professor H.H. Staub with a thesis on magnetic nuclear moments using nuclear magnetic resonance. He developed new experimental methods - dynamic nuclear polarization - to amplify nuclear magnetic resonance signals and thus was able to detect very weak signals. After a research stay in the USA, he was appointed associate professor of experimental physics at the University of Zurich in 1958. In 1963 he was promoted to full professor.

  • Open Day

    Open Day 2022, November 17 & 18

    Exhibition of research posters in the mechanical workshop

  • Workshop: New 5-Axis Machining Center

     with 72 tools in the tool magazine can machine volumes with a height of up to 400 mm and a radius of 320 mm with high precision

  • Fire Show

    Spring Dinner

    Impression of the institute dinner with fire show, May 20

  • Assembly of the XENONnT detector

    First results from a Search for New Physics in Electronic Recoils from XENONnT

    XENONnT, the latest detector of the XENON Dark Matter program, shows an unprecedentedly low background which facilitates searches for new, very rare phenomena with high sensitivity.

  • Women in Physics

    Connecting Women in Physics

    The power of positive role models: A successful first edition of the “Women in Physics Career Symposium” connected women in physics at various career stages to help retain early career researchers in physics. The journey to gender equality in physics in Switzerland will continue next year.

  • Simulating Hyperbolic Space

    Simulating hyperbolic space on a circuit board

    The group Neupert published a paper in Nature Communications presenting a strategy for verifying that electric circuits can emulate the physics of negatively curved spaces and demonstrate that electric circuits, designed by the electronics workshop, can do so efficiently.

  • Dark Matter Collaboration

    Next-generation Dark Matter experiment

    Scientists from the leading dark matter experiments came together beginning of July at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, joining forces to design and build a future dark matter detector within the XLZD consortium.

  • Yuta

    Congratulations to Yuta Takahashi

    who was awarded the CMS Young Researcher Prize '22 for "For his crucial and sustained contributions to the study of the lepton flavor anomalies observed in B decays ..."

  • Sevda Esen

    Congratulations to Sevda Esen

    who was awarded the LHCb early career award '22 for "For her outstanding contribution to ensure the persistence of the data produced by the LHCb trigger"

  • Laura Baudis

    Charpak Ritz Price for Laura Baudis

    Laura Baudis was awarded the Charpak Ritz Price jointly given by the French and the Swiss Physical Society