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Counselling and forms

Student advisors

Dr. Katharina Müller,  Office 36-J-05
Prof. Christof Aegerter, Office 36-K-86

Dr. Matthias Hengsberger, Office 11-G-06, (main contact for international master students)

Advice and Support of UZH



Physics Mentors,  C. Aegerter,  K. Müller
Physics as a Minor C. Aegerter, K. Müller
International Master students M. Hengsberger
Module booking, administrative questions A. Troller
Recognition of foreign academic achievements Dean's Office
Exchange students K. Müller

Labs and exercises, first year

Grouping M. Hengsberger 
Questions about recognition.  M. Hengsberger 

Exam organisation

Written exams A. Troller and Module responsibles
Written exams: Time and place

Dean's office

Oral exams A. Troller

Master- and Bachelor theses

Registration Group leader and  A. Troller
Presentation: Do 15:00h-17:00h  A. Troller

Room reservation

Courses of the lecture calendar A. Troller
Individual events:
Y36J23, Y36J33, Y36J81, Y36K08, Y36K52 (Special seminars, Meetings etc.)


Assignment: Labs, exercises, mentoring M. Hengsberger 
Assignment: Assistents M. Hengsberger 
Lab instructions M. Hengsberger 
Requests, recognition of academic achievements K. Müller and C. Aegerter
Exchange students K. Müller
Websites Physics Studies K. Müller
Webseite Bachelor+Master Theses C. Aegerter 
Lecture Calendar A. Troller
Teaching positions A. Troller and Institute director
Physics study guide K. Müller


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