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PHY118 Physics I for Natural Sciences

General Information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Nico Serra

Thea Arrestad 

Dr. Elena Graverini

Dr. Patrick Owen

Dr. Julian Pardinas


From 17.09.2018 To 13.11.2018

Room: Y15G20

Monday 15.00-17.00

Tuesday 8:00-9.45 


For exercise organization and course subscription contact:

Dr. Matthias Hengsberger


Course Material

Reference Book:

Fundamentals of Physics

David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker 

(german version also available in UZH library see here)

Slides and Podcast:

The slides of this course and the podcast of the lectures will be available n OLAT

Online Questions and Polls during lectures: 


1) OLAT multiple choice questions:

- OLAT multiple choice questions will be put online on Monday every two weeks

- The OLAT exercises are mandatory

- 60% score is needed to access the final exam

2) Weekly Exercises:

- Exercises will be posted every Monday (on OLAT and in this pag) 

- These exercises will be corrected the following week by the assistanst 

- Presence at the exercises is mandatory (assistant will collect signatures)

3) Final exam:

- Students who satisfy criteria 1) and 2) can access the final exam

- The  mark is determined from the final exam


Exercise Session

Exercise sessions are mandatory (signatures will be collected by the assistants).  Do not underestimate the importance of the exercises, this is where you can test if you really understood the lectures and you canask questions to the assistance. 



The list of students assigned to each group and the room where the exercises will be corrected can be found on OLAT



Online Homework available on OLAT:

- Repetition OLAT:

For those who did not pass the threshold of 60% on OLAT. They have the possibility do 1 repetition OLAT if they want to do the final exam. The Rep OLAT will contained mixed questions from all subjects of the course. To pass this test 60% of the points are required. Those who already fulfil the criteria do not need and should not take this test.