Monthly Parking-Space Rental

Parking spaces may be rented for a limited or non-limited period (longer than three months). The costs vary depending on the location and type of parking space.

Fee per Month


Non-fixed parking space, outdoor

Non-fixed parking space, garage/underground parking Fixed parking space, garage/underground parking
Irchel Campus   CHF 100 CHF 150
City Campus CHF 60 CHF 100 CHF 150-175
Veterinary Teaching Hospital (TSP)   CHF 100 CHF 150
Center of Dental Medicine     CHF 100
Botanical Garden (BOT) CHF 60 CHF 100 CHF 175
Oerlikon Campus   CHF 100 CHF 150
Schlieren Campus CHF 60   CHF 140

Availability at All Locations except Schlieren Campus

Specify your requested location, type of parking space, and rental starting date on the parking space request form. If parking spaces are available, we will send you an offer. If no parking spaces are available at your requested location, we will send you an offer detailing alternative locations. The offer is valid for seven working days and expires automatically thereafter. Parking spaces at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Center of Dental Medicine are managed directly by the persons responsible at those locations.

Parking space request

Availability at Schlieren Campus

The “GHZ Gewerbe- und Handelszentrum Schlieren AG” manages and rents out the parking spaces available in the underground parking at Wagistrasse 12/14 and the outdoor parking spaces at Wagistrasse 12.

Please send your request directly to