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Illness / Accident


You must inform your line manager immediately if you are unable to come to work due to illness. If you are off sick for a week or longer, you must provide your line manager with a doctor’s note. Line managers may also request a doctor’s note for shorter absences.

The responsible HR consultant in the Human Resources department can advise line managers and employees on what to do in the event of serious illnesses or long or repeated absences.

There are separate regulations for recipients of funding from a UZH Candoc Grant or a UZH Postdoc Grant.

Continued pay

The above information also applies to accidents.


Accident Report

If you have an accident, you must fill in an accident report as soon as possible. Use the accident report form if:

  • You are expected to be unable to work for three days or more
  • You have suffered damage to your teeth
  • You have suffered a relapse

Accident report form (PDF, 1 MB)* (external form from AXA in German)


Use the minor accident report form if:

  • You are still able to work or your inability to work will not last any longer than two days

Minor accident report form (PDF, 854 KB)* (external form from AXA in German)

You can complete the form online and send it to your HR representative.

If you are unable to work for three days or longer, the physician treating you must record your incapacity for work on the accident report. When you are able to work again, you must submit the accident report to your HR representative without delay.

Please note: If your incapacity for work lasts for longer than a month, you must forward a copy of the accident report to the HR representative at least once a month in order for them to prepare the daily allowance statement.

The insured person must forward their certificates of inability to work to the HR representative as soon as they receive them. The HR representative must inform the HR Department as of when the insured person is fully fit to work again.

Accident insurance guidelines  (external form from the Canton of Zurich, in German)

Continued pay


* Note: In order to edit a PDF form, please save it on your device (e.g. in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop). Right click and select “Open with” Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Acrobat DC, Pro). Please make sure you have version 10.0 or later of Adobe Acrobat installed. This will enable you to edit and save the form correctly.

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If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact the responsible HR representative in your organizational unit or the Competence Center responsible for you in the Human Resources Department.

The policy number with AXA Winterthur is:

--> 13.700.024

AXA Winterthur will notify the person who suffered the accident of the claims number directly.



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