Master's Degree Program in Medicine

Acceptance to the Degree Program

Students will be accepted to the Master's degree program if they hold a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine or the Vetsuisse-Faculty at the University of Zurich, or if they have a Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university that has a fixed transfer agreement with the University of Zurich. Students who have successfully completed preparation for study at the Master's level will likewise be accepted to the Master's program.

Providing there is capacity for more students, admittance will be further granted to holders of a Bachelor’s degree in the same field in the following order: Holders of a Bachelor's degree from other Swiss universities (with no transfer agreement), then holders of a Bachelor's degree from foreign universities.

Students who have completed the Bachlor's program of the University Zurich in the Lucerne or St. Gallen track, register for the joint Master's program at the University of Lucerne or at the University of St. Gallen. Please read the information of the Faculty of Medicine.


The general requirement for admission to a Master’s program at the UZH is a Bachelor’s degree in the same field of study (180 credits) from an accredited university.

Admissions Policy

The following types of admission to a Master's program are given:

  • Direct admission, with no restrictions or further conditions.
  • Admission with restrictions: If you are required to fulfill certain conditions while working toward your Master's degree.
  • Conditional admission: If you are required to fulfill certain conditions before you begin your Master’s course (preparatory phase for a Master's degree program.) You have a total of four semesters to complete the requirements. Please note that during the preparatory phase for a Master's degree program you may only earn the required ECTS credits. You are not allowed to acquire credits toward a degree.
  • Admission with conditions and restrictions: The requirements above apply.
  • Placement in a Bachelor's program: In the case that your degree is not equivalent to a Bachelor's degree at the University of Zurich (180 ECTS credits) or the conditions and restrictions to admission make up more than 60 ECTS points, you will be placed in a Bachelor's program in your chosen field of study. Afterwards you can begin your studies at the Master’s level at the University of Zurich. Your previously earned credits will be transferred to the Bachelor's course following admission. In case of placement in the Bachelor's program, it is mandatory to take the aptitude test.
  • Denial of admission: If the level of your education in general does not meet the standards at the University of Zurich, admission will not be granted.

Information on Applying