LORETA-KEY free Academic Software

1st generation LORETA-KEY software: 2003
Old LORETA homepage for lots of information Receive the download links and the passwords for installation or self-extraction by sending an email to:

key {dot} loreta {at} gmail {dot} com
2nd generation LORETA-KEY software: 2008
3rd generation  LORETA-KEY software: 2021-07 and later
(in-house version, always under development, loaded with all new goodies
Recent LORETA homepage, loaded with information

Notes on installing 3rd Gen LORETA-KEY

License agreement

The 2008 and 2021 packages include Microstate analyses.

The 3rd generation 2021 package has a large number of connectivity tools.

All programs consist of windows executables, compiled in Delphi PASCAL. All you need is a PC running windows (RAM>=4GB, WinVer>=7), no additional software.

The Delphi PASCAL compiler is either an education version, or a community edition version, which implies NO COMMERCIAL use at all.

No clinical use allowed. License agreements are included in all versions.

Why LORETA? Quantitative analyses of brain electric activity rely on the development of innovative models and methods that must minimally satisfy, if possible, two criteria:
(1) Validation, if experimental ground truth is available.
(2) Best performance, based on fair, objective comparisons to other similar published methods, using simulations.